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The Saheli Foundation Presents Dr. Shefali Tsabary In Surrey

It was a true honour and a privilege for The Saheli Foundation to organize a work shop on “Conscious Parenting” by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, a renowned clinical psychologist, New York Times Best Selling Author and International Speaker in Surrey, British Columbia.

With such enthusiasm and pride The Saheli Foundation members welcomed over 520 people to the Vancouver Sheraton Guildford Hotel ballroom for this exciting evening.

The room was well set with stage lighting, two large screens and appropriate speakers for a great audio/visual experience. The aura and the synergy in the room was so uplifting and exciting.

Here is an account of how this event came about as shared by our founding member Devinder Maan:

“They say everything that takes form in the real world begins in the human conscious, it starts with a dream. Such is the case for this event. It was on our own spiritual quest that my husband and I went to a Mindvalley event last february exactly a year ago. For those of you who may not be familiar Mindvalley is an online school for human transformation.  At this two day event we heard a lot of amazing speakers including Dr. Shefali.

That was the first time I had the opportunity to listen to her. Her engaging, simple, yet so profound and powerful message left me yearning for more.

Back in Surrey I read her books, watched her videos and followed her on all social media platforms (yes, I stocked her). It was while sharing my experience with another Saheli member that it occurred to me that her message had to be brought to our wonder city. Not only that, I knew I had to be an instrument in bringing this empowering message.  What an amazing coincidence that her message aligned so beautifully with our foundation’s mission to empower young minds.

At the next meeting, I, so excitedly shared my thoughts. At the time I might mention the Saheli account had $2000 in it and we had all been quietly dedicating our time to our programs.  As I spoke, I could feel the enthusiastic, yet cautious minds looking at me and asking how the heck we would make it happen.

I didn’t know. But what I did know was that I had a lot of faith in Dr. Shefali’s mission, a lot of faith in my own personal resolve, in the unwavering support of my family, the commitment of each and every Saheli member and most of all a lot of faith in amazing our community. 

And faith my friends, never fails. This evening is a true testament of that and our hearts are full of gratitude.  To all our generous sponsors, and to each and every one of you in this room today we are grateful for making this evening a reality. 

Dr. Shefali’s presentation was engaging, inspirational and thought provoking. Her message on Conscious Parenting is absolutely revolutionary. It questions status quo and traditional method of parenting leaving the listener with an urge to learn, grow, live and parent more consciously!! The mutual feeling among the audience was how quickly two hours passed.

After the two hour workshop, Dr. Shefali did a Deep Dive session with a smaller group of approximately 150 people. It certainly made everyone more aware and conscious of the baggage we all tend to carry and pass over from generation to generation.

The entire process of organizing and presenting this event was a wonderful experience for all The Saheli members. Our volunteers, from across four generations, worked tirelessly and enthusiastically. We are grateful to the City of Surrey and all our sponsors, and each and everyone who helped to make this event such a success.   All funds raised from this event (after the expenses) will go to support our programs.

We are humbled and grateful!!

The Saheli Team

Our amazing sponsors for this event:

The City of Surrey; Isle of Mann; A-Class Autobody; Dhaliwal Banquet Hall; Thind Family; Marathon Homes; SBOT; Vancity; A. S. Bubbar; Khalsa Credit Union; Sheraton Hotel; Envision; Gary Grewal; Home Key Mortgage; Modern Aluminum; Jeryy Brar Mortgage; Mountain View Centre; Gagan Foods; Virk Notary; Overseas Immigration; Kamal Video; Apex Animal Hospital; Punjab Iron and Lumber Supplies; Lordco Autoparts; Goldmine Insurance